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UAE Visa Number – UAE UID Number Check Online



UAE Visa Number - UAE UID Number Check Online

A copy of your UAE residency visa containing your personal details and various visa-related information will be sent to you upon issuance. Your UAE visa unique identification number is one of the important details on this document.

Having a thorough understanding of UAE visa numbers is vital for understanding a person’s status within the country. Read on to find out more.

UAE Visa Number

The copy of your visa contains two distinct types of unique numbers: the UID number (Unified Number) and the UAE visa number. For UAE residents, these two numbers serve different purposes.

1. UID Number

UID numbers, also known as Unified Numbers, are unique numerical codes issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

Upon entering the country, every foreigner is assigned a 9-digit number. Obtaining an Emirates ID requires a UID number. The UID number remains the same regardless of whether a visa is canceled or if a new visa is applied for.

2. UAE Visa Number

A UAE visa number can be between seven and nine digits long, unlike the UID number.

New visas are assigned this numerical code. Visa numbers are required for various purposes, such as confirming visa validity or canceling visas.

UAE Visa Number Location

A copy of your UAE visa includes your visa number. You can find your UAE visa number on your visa document. This number appears on the visa below the UID number and above the passport number.

UAE Visa Number Sample And Format

Please refer to the following example of a UAE visa number:



There are several components to the UAE visa number, each of which provides specific information. The first three digits indicate which Emirates are responsible for issuing the visa, such as Abu Dhabi (101), Dubai (201), Sharjah (301), and Ajman (401). The next four digits follow the Emirates code and represent the year of issuance. A unique UAE visa number is formed by the remaining numbers.

UAE Visa Number Check Online

Verify your UAE visa number by obtaining a copy of your visa issued by the relevant authority. Your visa number can only be verified accurately by this method. In case your UID number is not visible on the copy, you can visit the GDRFA website and inquire about it using your passport number. Input your passport details on the site to retrieve your UID number.

UAE Visa Number Check Online Via ICP Website

You can find UAE visa number using ICP Smart Services. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the “ICP Smart Service” website.
  2. Enter your “Reference Number/PRAN/ID Number“.
  3. Click on “Inquiry“.

UAE Visa Number Check Online By Passport Number

You can find UAE visa number using your passport number. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the “Official Website“.
  2. Enter your “Passport Number.
  3. Select your “Nationality“.
  4. Enter your “Date of Birth“.
  5. Select your “Gender“.
  6. Verify “Security check “.
  7. Click on “Submit” button to view your UAE visa number.

UAE Visa Number Check Online Through Amer Centers

Knowing how to find your UAE Visa Number, also known as the Visa Reference Number, is crucial information to have.

If you applied through Amer Centers, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the “Official Website“.
  2. Click on “Application
  3. Enter your “Request Number,” “Transaction Number,” and “Payment Date.”
  4. Solve the “Captcha” and click on “Search“.
  5. You will find your Visa Details on the next page.

UAE Visa Number In Emirates ID

It can be found above the passport number and below the UID number on the visa copy. To locate your UAE visa number, you can refer to the actual visa document. It is located above the passport number and below the UID number.

UAE Visa Number In Passport

You can find the United Arab Emirates visa number on the visa sticker in your passport or entry permit (first-time visitor).

UAE Visa Number On Tourist Visa

Your UAE visa number is incorporated into the file number on your visa copy. On the actual visa, you will find your UAE visa number above the passport number and below the UID number.

Importance Of The Visa Number UAE

As a pivotal identifier in the UAE’s complex immigration system, the Visa Number UAE has immense significance for individuals, families, and businesses. It is therefore crucial for anyone seeking to navigate the UAE visa process to understand its importance.

Legal Identification

Firstly, the Visa Number UAE serves as a legal identification for residents and expatriates. Therefore, it distinguishes between different visa holders, ensuring that each individual’s status and permissions are accurately recorded and recognized by relevant authorities.

Residence Validation

Passport UAE provides residents with a Visa Number that validates their legal residency status in the country. In other words, this validation is crucial for accessing various services and facilities in the country. It signifies that the individual has gone through the necessary processes and is authorized to reside in the UAE.

Employment Authorization

When it comes to employment visas, UAE Visa Numbers are closely related to an individual’s right to work in the UAE. As a result, it indicates that the individual has been legally authorized by the UAE government to conduct business within the country or be employed by a specific employer.

Family Sponsorship

A visa number in UAE is of utmost importance to sponsors, especially those who sponsor family members. As a result, it is a crucial document for family sponsorship visas. As a result of this number, family members are legally present in the UAE and have access to services.

Operation of a business

The Visa Number UAE plays a crucial role in the business world. It signifies the legal employment status of employees for entrepreneurs and companies. As a result, businesses will be able to operate within the legal framework, avoiding possible legal issues resulting from the employment of individuals without valid visas.

Regulatory Compliance

The UAE’s immigration regulations are non-negotiable. The Visa Number in Passport UAE proves an individual’s compliance with these regulations. In order to maintain a positive reputation and avoid legal penalties, businesses must adhere to labor laws.

Access to Services

Access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and banking is provided to individuals with a valid Visa Number UAE. By providing residents and workers with these services, it contributes to their overall well-being and quality of life in the UAE.

Peace of Mind

One of the most important benefits of having a UAE Visa Number is that it gives individuals and businesses peace of mind. It ensures that they are operating legally within the country’s boundaries. Essentially, this peace of mind fosters a sense of security and stability, allowing residents and businesses to concentrate on their goals.

Benefits of UAE Visa Number

As an international employee seeking to work and live in the Emirates, UAE visa numbers hold significant advantages. Understanding these benefits sheds light on their significance and the opportunities they open up.

Legal Authorization

A UAE visa number signifies legal authorization to reside and work in the country, which is crucial for both employees and employers to ensure legal compliance.

Employment Opportunities

The UAE offers a variety of employment opportunities, which means that employers often require a valid visa number in order to process job applications, making it a fundamental requirement for those seeking employment there.

Access to Essential Services

With a UAE visa number, expatriates are able to access crucial services like healthcare, education, and financial services.

Family Sponsorship

The UAE visa number gives expatriates the ability to sponsor family members, fostering a sense of togetherness among families.

Travel Benefits

Expatriates can benefit from seamless travel to neighboring countries with a UAE visa number, making it convenient for them to discover new destinations.

Advancement in a career

With opportunities for career advancement and skill development, people who hold a valid UAE visa number can build a stable career in a country renowned for its economic growth.

Residential Stability

With a UAE visa number, expatriates can establish a home in the country, enhancing their sense of belonging and making them a vital part of the community.

Business Ventures

A UAE visa number is vital for the establishment and management of businesses, thus opening doors to the entrepreneurial landscape and contributing to the UAE’s thriving economy.

Retirement Planning

Expatriates with UAE visas can plan for their retirement in a stable and economically robust country, ensuring financial security throughout their golden years.

Cultural Integration

As a result of holding a visa number UAE, expats can immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of the Emirates, enabling them to participate in local traditions and festivities more easily.

UAE Visa Number Obtaining Challenges

A UAE Visa Number can be a challenging process that requires astute navigation through multiple obstacles. These challenges are outlined below, highlighting the key aspects of UAE visa numbers in passports, UAE visa numbers in passports, UAE visa numbers, UAE visa numbers in passports, and UAE visa numbers in residences:

Documentation Discrepancies

Even minor discrepancies can lead to application rejections or delays. Ensure that the visa number in the passport UAE matches the visa number in official records.

Navigating Complex Regulations

As a result, understanding the intricate regulations of the UAE demands meticulous attention. Regulations change frequently, so staying up-to-date requires constant attention.

Timing and Processing Delays

Furthermore, uncertainty regarding the visa number processing time in UAE can disrupt plans, causing significant disruptions to travel, employment, and family reunion.

Financial Planning Challenges

Insufficient financial planning can strain resources when budgeting for visa fees. These expenses include application fees, medical tests, and administrative charges.

Emotional Stress and Uncertainty

As a result, waiting for an approval of the UAE visa number can be emotionally draining, causing anxiety about legal status.

Adherence to Evolving Policies

Adherence to the latest requirements is essential for successful visa applications when it comes to changing immigration policies.

Language Barriers and Communication

The UAE visa number application process can be impacted by language differences, resulting in misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Verification Process Challenges

There are stringent verification processes in place to verify documents, including UAE visa numbers in passports.

Cultural Differences and Etiquette

As a result, lack of awareness can inadvertently lead to misunderstandings, negatively affecting interactions during visa number in UAE application.

Legal Assistance and Guidance

If applicants do not obtain reliable legal assistance, they may inadvertently make errors in their applications.

Why Choose Us?

Connect Resources stands out as the beacon of reliability and efficiency when it comes to Visa Numbers UAE. Here are some reasons why you should choose Connect Resources for your visa acquisition needs:

Expert Guidance and Assistance

With a team of seasoned immigration professionals, Connect Resources ensures that every applicant gets individualized guidance. The Visa Number UAE process becomes seamless with their guidance.

Comprehensive Understanding of Regulations

Connect Resources understands the nuances associated with Visa Number in Passport UAE and stay updated with evolving regulations to ensure accurate and compliant applications.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

A UAE Visa Number in Passport is tailored to the needs of every applicant, whether for an individual, a family, or an entire workforce.

Efficient Documentation Management

Connect Resources simplifies the UAE Visa Number application process, ensuring that every document, including the UAE Visa Number, is meticulously managed and presented, minimizing the risk of rejection.

Transparent Communication

The cornerstone of Connect Resources’ approach is transparency. From the initial consultation to the finalization of the Residence UAE Visa Number, clients are informed throughout the process.

Time-Efficient Application Processing

With Connect Resources, you can be assured that your Visa Numbers in Passport UAE will be processed quickly. Their efficient methods minimize waiting periods, allowing applicants to plan their moves accordingly.

Legal Expertise and Compliance

In addition, Connect Resources integrates legal expertise into its services, making sure that every Visa Number UAE application adheres to the law. This comprehensive approach minimizes legal issues.

Client-Centric Approach

Clients are at the center of Connect Resources’ services. To clarify, their client-centric approach means that every applicant receives personalized attention. Above all, queries are answered promptly, resulting in a stress-free application experience for Visa Number UAE applicants.

End-to-End Support

A dedicated team at Connect Resources stands by applicants, addressing concerns, resolving issues, and ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Proven Track Record

The success stories of Connect Resources speak for themselves. With their proven track record of facilitating UAE Visa Numbers for a variety of clients, Connect Resources offers a trusted partner with a proven record of success.

FAQs About UAE Visa Numbaer

Where is visa number on UAE visa?

A visa number can be found on your passport page and on your entry permit if you are visiting UAE for the first time. The number can be seven or more characters long and is printed next to the entry permit number.

How can I know my UAE visa application number?

If you apply for a visa, you will receive a copy of your application form. Before submitting the application form, you should note the reference number. You will always find the reference number on the application form, whether you are applying for a residence visa or an e-visa.

How do I find my visa number?

A US visa number is a number that is generally printed on the bottom right side of a US visa sticker. In most cases, a US visa number contains eight numeric characters.


UAE residency visa unique identification number is crucial for legal compliance and accessing essential services. With thorough knowledge of the UAE visa number, individuals can navigate residency and employment processes effectively, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating a smooth transition into life in the Emirates.

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