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UAE Visa Free Countries 2024 | UAE Passport Visa Free Countries List 2024



UAE Visa Free Countries 2024

According to VisaGuide Passport Index, Emirati passports rank 31st in the world as of April 2024. Emirati citizens can travel visa-free to 140 countries around the world. However, Emirati passport holders must apply for a visa in advance to enter the remaining countries.

UAE Visa-Free Access

UAE passport holders enjoy one of the strongest passports in the world, allowing them to travel to numerous countries without the requirement of a visa. This visa-free access not only simplifies travel arrangements but also opens up a plethora of opportunities for business, tourism, and cultural exchange. The UAE strategic diplomatic efforts have expanded its list of visa-free countries, affirming its position on the global stage.

Benefits of Visa-Free Travel

Visa-free travel offers numerous advantages for UAE citizens:

  • Ease of Planning: Spontaneous trips become much more feasible without the need to go through lengthy visa application processes.
  • Cost Savings: Eliminating visa fees and the associated paperwork can significantly reduce the overall cost of travel.
  • Increased Mobility: Visa-free access encourages more frequent travel, be it for tourism, business, or short visits.
  • Cultural Exchange: Easier access promotes a greater exchange of culture, ideas, and economic benefits between countries.

UAE Visa-Free Countries List 2024

The UAE currently grants visa exemptions to a number of countries. Citizens of other countries can either apply for a visa at the airport or apply for a UAE tourist visa. Upon arrival in the UAE, citizens of the GCC simply need to present their passport or ID card. Visas and sponsors are not required.

The following countries are visa-free for UAE entry:

90 Days:


Country Entry Type
Andorra Visa-free
Austria Visa-free
Belarus Visa-free
Belgium Visa-free
Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa-free
Bulgaria Visa-free
Croatia Visa-free
Cyprus Visa-free
Czech Republic Visa-free
Denmark Visa-free
Estonia Visa-free
Finland Visa-free
France Visa-free
Georgia Visa-free
Germany Visa-free
Greece Visa-free
Hungary Visa-free
Iceland Visa-free
Ireland Visa-free
Italy Visa-free
Latvia Visa-free
Liechtenstein Visa-free
Lithuania Visa-free
Luxembourg Visa-free
Malta Visa-free
Monaco Visa-free
Montenegro Visa-free
Netherlands Visa-free
Norway Visa-free
Poland Visa-free
Portugal Visa-free
Romania Visa-free
Russia Visa-free
San Marino Visa-free
Serbia Visa-free
Slovakia Visa-free
Slovenia Visa-free
Spain Visa-free
Sweden Visa-free
Switzerland Visa-free
Ukraine Visa-free
United Kingdom Visa-free
Vatican Visa-free


Country Visa Requirement Notes
Bahrain Visa-free Short stays up to 90 days, renewable once
Israel Visa-free Stays up to 90 days for tourism or business
Kuwait Visa on arrival/eVisa Up to 90 days stay
Maldives Visa on arrival 30 days on arrival, extendable up to 90 days
Oman Visa-free Stays usually up to 90 days days
Qatar Visa-free Up to 90 days, extendable for a similar period
Saudi Arabia Visa-free/eVisa eVisa for tourism allows for multiple entries within a year

North America

Country Type of Access Duration of Stay
Bahamas Visa-free 90 dayss
Barbados Visa-free 90 days
Costa Rica Visa-free 90 days
El Salvador Visa-free 90 days
Mexico Visa-free 90 days
Nauru Visa on arrival 90 days

South America

Country Visa Requirement for UAE Citizens
Argentina Visa-free
Brazil Visa-free
Chile Visa-free
Colombia Visa-free
Honduras Visa-free
Paraguay Visa-free
Peru Visa-free


Country Visa Requirement Duration of Stay Additional Information
Kiribati Visa-Free Up to 90 days No visa required for short visits
Solomon Islands Visa on Arrival Up to 90 days Obtain visa upon arrival

30 days


Country Visa Requirement
Ireland Visa-Free for UAE
United Kingdom Visa-Free for UAE


Country Visa Requirement
Brunei Darussalam Visa-Free
China Visa Required
Hong Kong Visa-Free
Japan Visa-Free
Kazakhstan Visa Required
Malaysia Visa-Free
Singapore Visa-Free

North America

Country Visa Requirement Duration of Stay Entry Requirements
Canada eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) Up to 30 days Must apply for eTA online before travel
United States ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Up to 30 days Must apply for ESTA online before travel


Country Visa Requirement
Australia Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for UAE citizens allows for easy entry for up to 30 days.
New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for UAE citizens allows for easy entry for up to 30 days.

Tips for Visa-Free Travel

To ensure a smooth trip to these visa-free countries, consider the following tips:

  • Check Passport Validity: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of entry.
  • Stay Informed: Always check the latest travel advisories and entry requirements before traveling.
  • Travel Insurance: It’s advisable to have travel insurance that covers health, travel cancellations, and theft.
  • Local Laws and Customs: Familiarize yourself with the local laws, customs, and etiquette to avoid any inconveniences or legal issues.
  • Health Precautions: Depending on the destination, you may need certain vaccinations or health precautions.

FAQs About UAE Visa Free Countries

How many countries can UAE visit without visa?

There are 180 countries around the world where United Arab Emirates passport holders can travel visa-free, or obtain visas-on-arrival, or eTAs. Our comprehensive guide provides detailed information on the destinations where United Arab Emirates passport holders can travel visa-free.

Can I stay in UAE without visa?

Even if you are transiting through Abu Dhabi, you may need to apply for a visa if you plan to visit the UAE. A UAE Transit Visa allows you to visit the country for up to 96 hours and a UAE Tourist Visa allows you to stay up to 60 days. Applying for a UAE visa is simple and fast.

Can I stay in UAE without visa?

Even if you’re just transiting through Abu Dhabi, you may need a visa if you plan to visit the UAE. Obtain a UAE Transit Visa for up to 96 hours or a UAE Tourist Visa for up to 60 days and enjoy a quick and easy visit to the country we call home.


With a passport ranking 31st globally, UAE nationals enjoy visa-free access to 140 countries, streamlining travel and opening doors to diverse experiences worldwide. For countries requiring visas, advance applications remain necessary, but the extensive list of visa-free destinations continues to reflect the UAE’s strong diplomatic presence and the high value of its passport on the international stage.

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