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UAE Visa Cancellation | Cancelling Your Residence Visa



UAE Visa Cancellation | Cancelling Your Residence Visa

In order to leave the country permanently, expats must cancel their residence visas. There are several procedures and rules to follow when canceling your visa, so it is important to understand everything before you proceed.

UAE Visa Cancellation 

As long as the visa holders are not bound by laws to remain in the UAE, it is quite easy to cancel a residency visa. If they intend to cancel their visa, they are advised to pay all their debts and utility bills, cancel tenancy contracts, and sell assets, such as houses, cars, and so on. This will ease the cancellation process.

Expats cannot cancel their own visa. Only visa sponsors can cancel their residence visa. However, if expats hold an investor visa, they can submit visa cancellation requests on their own.

An employer would need to pay the pending salary, leave salary entitlements, and gratuity and provide an air ticket. This is prior to cancellation of the work permit with the MOHRE. 

UAE Visa Cancellation Required Documents

Applicants should provide these documents to apply for visa cancellation:

  • Passport and Emirates ID
  • Copies of the sponsor passport
  • A statement of all financial liabilities
  • Copy of entry permit
  • Cancellation or assignment of the trade license upon cancellation of partner or investor residency
  • Certificate of death (within the country)
  • The official certification of a death certificate issued outside the country

UAE Visa Cancellation Process

Cancelling a UAE visa involves a straightforward process, which can be accomplished through several channels including online platforms and physical service centers. Here’s how you can proceed with each option:

Online through the ICP Website or App

  1. Access the ICP website or download the ICP Smart App.
  2. Navigate to the specific service you wish to apply for.
  3. Complete the application form with the required data.
  4. Pay the applicable service fee.
  5. Submit your application.

Online through the GDRFA Website or App

  1. Visit the GDRFA website or download the GDRFA-Dubai Smart App.
  2. Create a new user account if you do not already have one.
  3. Select the visa cancellation service you need.
  4. Upload all necessary documents.
  5. Pay the required fees.
  6. Submit the request.

In-Person at AMER Centers

  1. Go to a nearby AMER service center.
  2. At the reception, request the visa cancellation service.
  3. Provide all necessary documents to the service clerk.
  4. Pay the applicable fees.
  5. Complete the submission of your application.

In-Person at Typing Centers

  1. Locate and visit the nearest Typing Center.
  2. Take a number and wait for your turn.
  3. Hand over all required documents to the center employee.
  4. Pay the service fee.
  5. Submit your application for processing.

Each of these methods offers a convenient way to cancel a UAE visa, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your circumstances

UAE Visa Cancellation Cost

Visa cancellation fees range from AED 15 (USD 4.08) to AED 60 (USD 16.34) according to the platform or service used. Please contact the relevant service for more information.

UAE Visa Cancellation Processing Time

The process of canceling a UAE visa may take up to 48 hours. An applicant must submit a missing document within 30 days before the application is canceled. The cancellation application approval will be notified online. Applicants will receive an email with the official letter of their visa cancellation to their registered email address.

How to Check UAE Visa Cancellation Status Online

The visa status check will benefit expats who leave the country without canceling their visas. If the visa has been cancelled, the status will show cancelled. 

To check your visa status, all you need is your passport number and expiry date. After that, you can follow the steps below.

  • Visit to the ICP website.
  • Please click on the passport information tab .
  • Select Visa or residency

  • Please enter your passport number and expiration date, then choose your nationality.

  • Verify “I’m not a robot” and click on the search.

  • Your visa expiration date will be displayed, including all your other visa details.

Automatic cancellation of UAE visas

When expats leave the UAE without cancelling their residency visa, their visas will automatically be revoked. However, leaving the country without properly canceling visas could result in future travel bans. Expatriates cannot enter the UAE until their expired visas are officially revoked. This can only be accomplished by pursuing the former sponsors to assist the expats in canceling their visas.

However, the UAE has now introduced a reentry permit that allows residence visa holders to stay outside the country for over six months without their residence visa being cancelled.

UAE Reentry Permit

In Dubai, travel and typing center agents confirmed that residency visa holders who have been abroad for more than 6 months can now reenter the country by applying for a reentry permit.

After the permit is approved, UAE residents who have been outside the Emirate for over 6 months can reenter the Emirate within 30 days.

Grace Period for UAE Visa Cancellation

When a UAE visa is cancelled, expatriates are provided with a grace period during which they must either leave the country or secure another visa. The length of this grace period varies based on the expatriate’s category, as follows:

180 days grace period is available for:

  • Golden visa holders and their family members
  • Green visa holders and their family members
  • Widows or divorcees
  • Students who have completed their studies
  • Skilled professionals categorized as first and second level by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

90 days grace period is allowed for:

  • Skilled professionals categorized as third level by MOHRE
  • Property owners

60 days grace period is provided for:

  • Individuals with normal residencies

30 days grace period applies to:

  • All other categories

Each group has a designated period to make arrangements for either departure or visa transition, ensuring compliance with UAE immigration laws.

Cancellation and Extension of Unused UAE Visit Visa

The UAE requires all international visitors to cancel or extend unused visit visa. An extension of 60 days is available through the immigration portal, for a fee of AED 200, for travellers who cannot enter the UAE within the validity period of their visit visas.

Visitors who have not used their visit visas can cancel them through the immigration portal if they do not wish to extend them. As a result, travellers cannot apply for a new UAE visit visa unless their previous, unused visit visa is cancelled. The immigration system no longer deletes old visa applications automatically but only upon the request of the applicant.

 UAE Work Permit and Work Visa Cancellation

If you are in the UAE on a work visa, it essential for your employer to cancel both your work permit (Labour Card) and work contract via the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Here is how the cancellation process typically unfolds:

  1. Application Submission: Your employer must initiate the cancellation process by applying at MOHRE official website (
  2. Document Attachment: Along with the application, your employer is required to electronically attach the necessary supporting documents.
  3. Processing by MOHRE: Once submitted, MOHRE reviews the application and temporarily processes it before forwarding the necessary information to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
  4. Visa Cancellation by GDRFA: The GDRFA then proceeds to cancel your residence visa and informs MOHRE of the update.
  5. Final Cancellation: Upon notification from GDRFA, MOHRE then permanently cancels your UAE work permit.

As part of this process, your employer must also provide a letter—signed by you—confirming that you have received all your due wages, settlements, and benefits. It’s critical not to sign this letter until you have indeed received all your entitlements.

Cancelling your UAE Work Permit if You Change Jobs

When changing jobs in the UAE, your employer needs to cancel your work permit if you will not be leaving the country. It is easier to change employers if you have already worked for the original employer for two years (i.e. your work contract has expired). If your work contract has not ended, but you wish to change employment, your current employer must sign a No Objection Certificate (NOC) transferring sponsorship to your new employer.

An employment ban can last from 6 months to one year if your current employer refuses to agree to the premature termination of your contract. You must give your future employer the UAE visa cancellation paper if your employer signs the NOC and cancels your work permit.

UAE Visa Cancellation for Dependent Family Members

Upon sponsoring your family members to join you in the UAE through a Family Visa, you act as their sponsor, so it is your responsibility to cancel their UAE Residence Visas before your employer cancels yours. If you are only changing jobs and not permanently leaving the UAE, you do not need to cancel the UAE family visas of your dependents.

Visa Cancellation for People Outside the UAE (More Than 6 Months)

If you remain outside the UAE for more than six months, your Residence Visa is automatically cancelled. If your UAE visa is cancelled while you are abroad, you must reapply for an Entry Permit.

If you cancel your visa this way, you may face some complications. Your employer may report you as absconding if you leave the country without formally resigning, tying up all your loose ends at work, and getting a proper visa cancellation. If you try to return to the UAE later, you may face legal repercussions.

UAE Visa Cancellation Paper Download

Paper PDF

UAE Visa Cancellation Tips

Remember to settle some final details before getting your UAE visa canceled:

  • Close your bank account
  • Remember not to sign any confirmation letter unless you have received your salaries, benefits, and settlements.
  • Utility payments
  • Tenancy cancellation
  • Getting rid of your car

FAQs About UAE Visa Cancellation

What is the process of visa cancellation in UAE?

Sponsors may cancel your UAE visa in one of the following ways: In-person, through a GDRFA typing center in the emirate in which you live. The typing center then submits the application online.

Can I exit UAE without Cancelling visa?

Upon leaving the UAE, you must cancel your visa. Failure to do so could result in legal penalties, including fines and travel bans.

How much is the cancellation fee for UAE visa?

In order to cancel a UAE visa, you need to pay a cancellation fee of AED 110. This fee will be covered by your sponsor or employer. However, if you are canceling a visa on behalf of a family member, you will have to pay the fee yourself.


When planning to leave the UAE permanently, it’s crucial to understand the UAE Visa Cancellation process thoroughly. There are several steps and regulations to adhere to, ensuring all obligations are settled beforehand to avoid complications. Proper knowledge and preparation make the UAE Visa Cancellation smooth and compliant with local laws.