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UAE to Soon Lift Visa Ban on Nigerians After 2 Years



UAE to Quickly Lift Visa Ban on Nigerians After 2 Years

UAE to Soon Lift Visa Ban on Nigerians After 2 Years. In a significant development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced plans to lift the visa ban on Nigerian citizens after a two-year hiatus. This news comes as a relief to many Nigerians and is expected to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two nations. The move is anticipated to have wide-ranging positive impacts on tourism, business, and cultural exchanges.

UAE to Soon Lift Visa Ban on Nigerians After 2 Years

The UAE imposed a visa ban on Nigerians in 2022, citing security concerns and regulatory issues. This decision affected thousands of Nigerians who sought to travel to the UAE for various purposes, including tourism, business, and education. The ban also had economic repercussions, particularly in the aviation sector, as it led to a suspension of direct flights between the two countries by Emirates Airlines.

Announcement by Minister of Aviation, Festus Keyamo

Earlier this month, Nigeria Minister of Aviation, Festus Keyamo, made an encouraging announcement. He revealed that the UAE has agreed to lift the travel ban on Nigerian citizens.

In his statement, Keyamo emphasized the importance of this development, stating that it marks a new chapter in the relationship between Nigeria and the UAE. He noted that the lifting of the ban is a result of extensive diplomatic negotiations and a mutual understanding of the benefits that such a move would bring.

Emirates Airlines to Resume Flights

In conjunction with lifting the visa ban, Emirates Airlines has announced plans to resume flights to Nigeria starting on October 1, 2024. This decision is expected to revitalize air travel between the two countries, offering more convenience and boosting tourism and business travel.

Emirates Airlines had previously suspended its operations to Nigeria due to the visa ban and other operational challenges. The resumption of flights is seen as a positive step towards normalizing relations and enhancing connectivity.

Implications for Nigerians and the UAE

The lifting of the visa ban and the resumption of flights have several key implications:

  1. Economic Boost: The move is expected to stimulate economic activities by increasing tourism and business travel. Nigerian entrepreneurs and professionals will find it easier to travel to the UAE for business opportunities, fostering economic growth and collaboration.
  2. Cultural Exchange: With easier access, there will likely be an increase in cultural exchanges, enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation between the peoples of Nigeria and the UAE.
  3. Educational Opportunities: Nigerian students aspiring to study in the UAE will now have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals without the visa barrier, contributing to academic and cultural enrichment.
  4. Aviation Sector Growth: The resumption of Emirates Airlines flights will boost the aviation sector, providing more options for travelers and improving connectivity. It will also have a positive impact on ancillary services such as travel agencies, hospitality, and logistics.


The UAE’s decision to lift the visa ban on Nigerian citizens marks a significant milestone in the diplomatic relations between the two countries. The anticipated resumption of Emirates Airlines flights further underscores the commitment to restoring and enhancing bilateral ties.

This development is poised to bring substantial benefits to both nations, fostering economic growth, cultural exchange, and stronger people-to-people connections. As October 1, 2024, approaches, there is a renewed sense of optimism and excitement among Nigerians looking forward to visiting the UAE once again.

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