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UAE Student Visa Rules for New Applicants and Renewals



UAE Student Visa Rules for New Applicants and Renewals

UAE Student Visa Rules for New Applicants and Renewals. The UAE Digital Government has recently released a comprehensive report detailing the requirements and procedures for obtaining student visas and residency permits for new applicants and renewals. This report aims to provide clarity and guidance to students preparing for the upcoming academic year.

Who is Eligible for a Student Visa?

Foreign students who have either parental sponsorship within the UAE or sponsorship from the educational institution where they intend to study are eligible to apply for a student visa. Universities typically have dedicated student affairs offices to assist with visa procedures.

Visa Validity and Renewals

Student visas are initially issued for one year and can be renewed for subsequent years upon submission of official proof of ongoing enrollment in a UAE higher education institution. Student affairs offices in universities play a crucial role in facilitating visa renewals.

Required Documentation for Visa Application

Applicants must provide a certificate from their university or educational institution stating the duration of their study, along with other documents specified by immigration authorities.

Family Sponsorship for Students

Foreign university students with sufficient financial means and adequate housing arrangements can sponsor their families to join them in the UAE. Additionally, male students under 25 years old can have their parents sponsor their residency if they provide proof of enrollment in a higher education institution.

Golden Visa Eligibility for Students

Outstanding high school students and exceptional university students may be eligible for the UAE’s golden residency visa. High school students achieving top rankings may receive a five-year golden visa, while university graduates with outstanding academic records can obtain a 10-year visa.

Visa Processing Times and Deadlines

Student visas can typically be processed within 10 days under express processing, or 15-20 days through regular processing channels. It’s advisable to initiate the visa application process at least one to two months before the start of the semester to ensure timely processing.

Work Opportunities for Students

International students in the UAE can pursue on-campus and off-campus employment with proper university authorization. Those with university sponsorship may obtain permits from the UAE Labour Department for part-time jobs.

Understanding Visa Costs

The approximate cost of a student residence permit is Dh2,500, excluding additional fees such as security deposits, file opening fees, and document legalization or translation charges. An additional fee of Dh500 may also apply.


Understanding the student visa process in the UAE is essential for new applicants and those seeking renewals. By adhering to the outlined rules and requirements, students can smoothly navigate the visa application process and focus on their academic pursuits in the UAE.

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