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UAE Startups Benefit from Visa Programs Amid Tough Economic Conditions



UAE Startups Benefit from Visa Programs Amid Tough Economic Conditions

UAE Startups Benefit from Visa Programs Amid Tough Economic Conditions. In the dynamic landscape of financial technology, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) emerges as a beacon of innovation and investment resilience. Despite global economic challenges, the UAE’s fintech sector has witnessed a remarkable surge, garnering attention and investments from around the globe. Spearheading this growth is Visa, the global payments technology company, which is playing a pivotal role in nurturing and advancing the UAE’s fintech ecosystem.

UAE: A Fintech Hub Amidst Global Turbulence

Hasan Kazmi, head of digital partnerships for Visa, underscores the UAE’s prominence in the fintech realm, citing its resilience amidst a global decline in fintech investments. Kazmi attributes this success to the UAE’s strategic initiatives and business-friendly regulations, which have fostered an environment conducive to fintech innovation and investment.

According to a report by Innovate Finance, global investments in fintech witnessed a significant downturn. However, the UAE defied this trend, experiencing a remarkable 92% increase in total fintech investments, amounting to $1.3 billion through 54 deals in 2023. This surge underscores the UAE’s status as a leading fintech hub, bolstered by progressive regulations and widespread adoption of digital banking services.

Visa’s Commitment to Fostering Fintech Innovation

Visa’s proactive approach to supporting fintech startups in the UAE is evident through various initiatives and programs aimed at accelerating their growth and market entry. One such initiative is the Visa Everywhere platform, providing startups with a global stage to showcase their innovations and secure potential funding.

Additionally, Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program expedites the onboarding process for startups, equipping them with the necessary resources for rapid expansion and market penetration. The Visa Ready to Launch (VRTL) program simplifies the issuance of payment products, streamlining the path for fintechs to introduce innovative solutions to the market.

Driving Collaboration for Mutual Success

Collaboration lies at the heart of Visa’s strategy to bolster the fintech ecosystem. Partnerships with innovative fintech companies like AlaanPay and Tarabut Gateway underscore Visa’s commitment to driving financial innovation and enhancing customer experiences through technologies like artificial intelligence and open banking platforms.

Pioneering Digital Payment Solutions

In line with global trends, the UAE is experiencing a paradigm shift towards digital payments. Card payments emerged as the preferred online payment method, comprising 48% of all transactions, while digital wallets accounted for 23%. Mobile payments, particularly at point-of-sale terminals, witnessed a significant uptick, reflecting consumers’ growing preference for convenient and secure payment methods.

Charting the Future of Electronic Payments

Looking ahead, Kazmi envisions a robust growth trajectory for electronic payments in the Middle East and the UAE. With technological innovation, e-commerce expansion, and evolving consumer preferences driving this growth, digital wallets are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of payments in the region. Visa, with its extensive network and cutting-edge capabilities, remains at the forefront of this transformative journey, facilitating seamless transactions and driving financial inclusion across borders.


Visa unwavering commitment to fostering fintech innovation and collaboration underscores its pivotal role in shaping the UAE’s burgeoning fintech landscape. As the region navigates through economic challenges, initiatives led by Visa are poised to drive sustainable growth and propel the UAE towards becoming a global fintech powerhouse.

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