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UAE Minister Confirms GCC Countries are Working on a Unified Tourist Visa



UAE Minister Confirms GCC Countries are Working on a Unified Tourist Visa

UAE Minister Confirms GCC Countries are Working on a Unified Tourist Visa. GCC countries are diligently working towards the launch of a unified tourist visa, a move set to revolutionize tourism in the region. This landmark initiative will allow seamless entry to all GCC countries without the hassle of obtaining additional documentation. The unified tourist visa is anticipated to be unveiled between 2024 and 2025, representing a significant milestone in regional cooperation and tourism development.

Vision Unveiled

During a pivotal moment at the World Economic Forum meeting, Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, the UAE Minister of Economy, reaffirmed the commitment of GCC countries – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait – towards realizing a unified tourist visa. Emphasizing its pivotal role as a “tool” in attracting foreign tourists, Minister Al Marri underscored the strategic importance of this initiative in fostering regional tourism growth and enhancing the global appeal of GCC destinations.

Unlocking Tourism Potential

The introduction of the unified GCC tourist visa is poised to unlock the full potential of the region’s diverse tourism offerings. By streamlining entry procedures and eliminating bureaucratic hurdles, this visa will facilitate longer stays and encourage tourists to explore multiple GCC countries within a single trip. Minister Al Marri highlighted its transformative impact on hotel occupancy rates and the overall economic prosperity of GCC nations, projecting a positive trajectory for tourism-related industries.

Anticipated Rollout and Operational Framework

While the exact launch date of the unified GCC tourist visa remains undisclosed, expectations are high for its implementation by the end of the current year or no later than 2025. Drawing parallels to the Schengen visa system, the unified tourist visa will grant holders entry to all participating GCC countries with a single document. However, specific details such as the duration of permitted stays are yet to be finalized, awaiting further announcements from GCC authorities.

Driving Regional Collaboration and Growth

The collaborative efforts of GCC countries in introducing the unified tourist visa underscore a commitment to regional integration and economic diversification. By harnessing the collective appeal of their cultural, historical, and natural attractions, GCC nations aim to position themselves as premier tourist destinations on the global stage. The seamless mobility afforded by the unified visa will foster cultural exchange, spur investment, and drive sustainable growth across the region.


As GCC countries forge ahead with their ambitious plans for a unified tourist visa, anticipation is building within the global tourism community. This groundbreaking initiative promises to redefine travel experiences in the Middle East, offering travelers unparalleled convenience and accessibility. With Minister Al Marri’s confirmation signaling steadfast progress, the path is paved for a new era of tourism cooperation and prosperity across the GCC region.

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