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UAE Green Visa Eligibility, Requirements, Fees and Validity



UAE Green Visa Eligibility, Requirements, Fees and Validity

The UAE Green Visa is the newest option for foreign investors and professionals to relocate to the country. A green visa allows foreigners to live, work, invest, or do business in the UAE. Unlike previous residency options, the Green Visa does not require sponsorship from a UAE national or employer. Foreigners can stay longer in the UAE without an employer’s sponsorship with the Green Visa.

Professionals and investors must first determine if they meet the UAE Green Visa Eligibility requirements. To maximize the benefits offered by the UAE Green Visa, they should also understand the requirements set out by the government. Understanding the conditions and requirements of a Green Visa is made easier by availing of Green Visa services in Dubai.

UAE Green Visa

In order to attract talent, skilled professionals, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs, the UAE has announced a new five-year residence permit. Green Visa is the name given to this permit. This visa offers a longer grace period of up to six months after it expires for staying in the UAE.  UAE’s Green Visa differentiates between work and residency permits.

Who Can Apply for Green Visas in the UAE?

There are mainly three categories of individuals eligible to apply for the UAE Green Visa. In order to obtain a Green Visa in the UAE, applicants must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Freelancers/self-employed people
  • Skilled employees
  • Investors or partners

UAE Green Visa Requirements

UAE Green Visa Requirements for Freelancers/ Self-employed

As a global business hub, the UAE has always been a popular place for freelancers. Due to the changed economic conditions, hiring in-house employees on huge salaries became prohibitively expensive after the Covid-19 pandemic in the UAE. Freelancers are now eligible for the UAE Green Visa, making it easier for them to live and work there. UAE Green Visa requirements for freelancers and self-employed individuals include the following:

  • Permits issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) for freelance/self-employment
  • Diploma or bachelor’s degree proof
  • A minimum of AED 360,000 in self-employment income for the past two years;
  • Maintain financial solvency throughout their stay in the UAE

UAE Green Visa Requirements for Skilled Employees

There are different requirements for skilled employees who wish to apply for a UAE Green Visa. Such individuals can navigate the formal procedures more easily by availing of Green Visa services in Dubai. UAE Green Visa requirements for skilled employees include:

  • A valid employment contract should be in place for skilled employees
  • According to MoHRE, skilled employees must be classified as either first, second, or third occupational levels
  • In order to qualify for a UAE Green Visa, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • A skilled employee should be earning a salary of at least AED 15,000

UAE Green Visa Requirements for Investors and Partners

Foreign investors can also apply for a UAE Green Visa if they meet the mandatory requirements. Dubai offers bespoke Green Visa services for investors. The following requirements must be met by investors applying for UAE Green visas:

  • UAE Green visa eligibility is open to investors who establish or participate in commercial enterprises.
  • Investment approval and proof of investment are required by the investors. (If the investor/partner holds more than one licence, the total invested capital will be calculated.)
  • Local authorities should approve investors’ projects

How to Apply For a UAE Green Visa 

Green Visa applications are straightforward. How to.

Step 1: Check your eligibility and secure the requirements

Identify your eligibility for the Green Visa by understanding the different categories and their requirements. Make sure you have your passport (valid for at least 6 months), Emirates ID (if applicable), a tourist visa with an entry stamp (if you don’t have a standard UAE resident visa) and health insurance. Your visa category may also have additional requirements.

Step 2: Submit your application

Apply for the Green Visa by visiting the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website or the ICP Smart Services platform. Apply online directly through these platforms or offline at a licensed typing center, Customer Happiness Center, or Amer Service Center. Select the correct category for your situation and complete the application form.

Step 3: Pay fees and await approval

Pay the AED2,280 application fee after submitting your application. Upon payment, wait for your visa to be processed, which can take a few weeks to a few months. Your application will be approved soon.

UAE Green Visa Processing Time

According to the authorities, UAE green visa processing takes from 1 to 3 months. However, this depends on the applicant’s requirements. The process of most green visas process in just a month.

UAE Green Visa Fees

UAE Green Visas cost around AED 2,280. The ID card fee (AED 575) and the medical services fee (AED 320) are not included. A primary applicant’s total cost depends on how many dependents he or she has.

UAE Green Visa validity

UAE Green visas have a validity of five years, and require no sponsorship from an employer or UAE national. The same number of years can also be sponsored by his/her family.

Abu Dhabi Green Visa

Abu Dhabi Green Visas enable international talents to sponsor themselves, eliminating the need for employment to reside in the UAE. Several high-growth areas in Abu Dhabi provide opportunities for talented individuals to flourish, achieve and succeed. The lifestyle, culture, and community of Abu Dhabi makes it a great place to live, work, and invest. A place to call home.

What is a Abu Dhabi Green Visa

As compared to the standard residence visa, the Abu Dhabi Green Visa offers long-term residency and more benefits to visa holders and their families. Sponsorships are available for sons up to 25 years of age and unmarried daughters regardless of age. For professionals, freelancers, investors, and partners, the Abu Dhabi Green Visa is valid for five years. See if you qualify for an Abu Dhabi Green Visa by exploring the options below.

Is the UAE Green Visa The Same as The Golden Visa?

No, the UAE Golden Visa and Green Visa provide long-term residency for foreign individuals. They are designed on different principles, however. The Green Visa offers only a five-year residency option while the Golden Visa offers 10-year residency options for holders.

Moreover, the Golden Visa is open to different applicants. Providers of the most effective Green Visa Services in Dubai can help investors clearly distinguish between the two visas.

Avail the Best Green Visa Services in Dubai, UAE

The introduction of the UAE Green Visa is expected to boost investors, freelancers and skilled employees into the country. Green Visa holders can benefit from the country strategic location, political stability, safe living conditions, investor-friendly policies, robust infrastructure and ease of doing business. However, availing of bespoke Green Visa services in Dubai is essential to navigate the requirements.

Can Indians Get Dubai Green Visas?

Yes, the Dubai Green Visa is available to Indians. With the introduction of the Green Visa regime, the country aims to retain skilled workers and attract exceptional talents and investments to grow its economy. The relaxed, simplified requirements and ease of application make this visa category very lucrative.

UAE Green Visa for Pakistani

In this visa, individuals can sponsor themselves for five years, eliminating the need for a UAE national or employer to sponsor them. A significant advantage of the Green visa is its ability to be renewed for an additional five-year period upon expiration.

Benefits of UAE Green Visa?

The UAE Green Visa offers a wide range of benefits to applicants who qualify. Apart from the length of residency, the top benefit of the UAE Green Visa is the ability to sponsor family members. A UAE Green Visa offers more benefits to family members than a normal residence visa. The following are some of the key benefits of the UAE Green Visa:

  1. Getting the UAE Green Visa makes holders eligible to sponsor family members, including spouses, children and first-degree relatives.
  2. Unmarried daughters of Green Visa holders can sponsor their male children for up to 25 years (previously 18 years).
  3. A residence permit will be granted to children with special needs, regardless of their age.
  4. With the Green Visa, you can stay in the UAE for up to 6 months after the residence permit is revoked or expired.
  5. Family members will have the same residency period as the original visa holder.

FAQs About UAE Green Visa

Who is eligible for green visa in UAE?

There are mainly three categories of individuals eligible to apply for the UAE Green Visa. In order to obtain a Green Visa in the UAE, applicants must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Freelancers/self-employed people
  • Skilled employees
  • Investors or partners

What is the cost of green visa in UAE?

A Green Visa UAE cost around AED 2,280. However, this does not include the ID card fee (AED 575) and the medical services fee (AED 320). Dependants of the primary applicant determine the total cost.

What is the minimum salary for green visa in UAE?

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, it should be classified at the first, second, or third occupational level. Minimum educational requirements are an undergraduate degree or equivalent. A minimum salary of AED 15,000 (USD 4,083.74) is required for applicants.


The UAE Green Visa presents a groundbreaking opportunity for foreign investors, professionals, and freelancers to relocate to the UAE without the need for sponsorship. Understanding the eligibility criteria and application process is crucial to maximize the benefits of this innovative visa option.

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