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Nigeria and UAE Face-O1ff Settled Visa Issuance to Begin Soon – FG



Nigeria and UAE Face-O1ff Settled Visa Issuance to Begin Soon - FG

Nigeria and UAE Face-O1ff Settled Visa Issuance to Begin Soon – FG. The visa face-off between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has finally been settled, according to Festus Keyamo, Nigeria Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development. This development promises to lift the travel restrictions that have prevented Nigerians from visiting the UAE, particularly Dubai.

Background of the Dispute

The UAE imposed a visa ban on Nigeria due to several diplomatic disputes. The tension between the two nations escalated, affecting travel and business relations. In August 2023, Nigerian President Bola Tinubu intervened to resolve the issues surrounding visa issuance and the Emirates Airlines’ suspension of flights into Nigeria.

Keyamo Announcement

Festus Keyamo made the announcement during a welcome dinner for delegates at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) 80th Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit in Dubai. Accompanied by Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, Keyamo’s presence at the event underscored the importance of the relationship between Nigeria and the UAE.

Resolution of Visa Issues

Speaking to journalists, Keyamo confirmed that the issues related to visa denials had been resolved. He mentioned that the final steps involved formalizing the agreement, which would be announced in a few weeks. “The issue of visa has been resolved, just the announcement remaining. They want to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. The announcement will be in a couple of weeks,” Keyamo said.

Importance of Nigeria-UAE Relations

Keyamo highlighted the significance of maintaining cordial relationships with countries like the UAE. He emphasized the substantial investments Nigerians have in the UAE and the pressure from Nigerian citizens to reopen travel routes and simplify visa applications. His warm reception in Dubai was a testament to the value placed on Nigeria by the UAE authorities.

Positive Reception in Dubai

Keyamo’s visit to Dubai was marked by a high level of recognition and respect. He shared an exclusive ride with the ruler of Dubai, the UAE Minister, and top executives from Emirates Group. This special treatment highlighted the UAE’s renewed trust and commitment to strengthening ties with Nigeria. “There was no other person given that privilege here; that is to tell you how much they value us and they want Nigeria to see it in that light,” Keyamo remarked.


The resolution of the visa face-off between Nigeria and the UAE marks a significant milestone in the diplomatic relations between the two countries. With the travel restrictions soon to be lifted, Nigerians can look forward to easier access to the UAE, fostering stronger economic and social connections. This development reflects a positive step towards mutual cooperation and trust between Nigeria and the UAE.

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