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ICP Launches Two New Vehicles to Cater to Growing Security Market



ICP Launches Two New Vehicles to Cater to Growing Security Market

ICP Launches Two New Vehicles to Cater to Growing Security Market. Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP), renowned for its expertise in armoured vehicles, has recently unveiled two innovative products aimed at addressing the burgeoning commercial security vehicle market. The debut of these vehicles, the REVA Bulk Carrier and REVA Light Security Vehicle (LSV), took place at the prestigious Securex exhibition held at Gallagher Estate.

REVA Light Security Vehicle (LSV)

The REVA LSV, based on the Mahindra Pik Up, boasts an armoured cab designed to offer cost-effective ballistic protection. Priced at approximately R800,000 for the base model, it presents an enticing solution for patrolling and guarding operations. Available in both 2×4 and 4×4 configurations, its versatility aligns perfectly with various operational requirements. Notably, the armoured cab provides B6 level protection, safeguarding against assault rifles such as the AK-47 and R1.

Enhanced Security and Mobility

In contrast, the REVA Bulk Carrier, built on a Tata chassis, offers substantial protection with its single-piece armoured body. Featuring a low centre of gravity and B6 level protection, this vehicle ensures security without compromising mobility. With an empty weight of around 9 tons and a maximum weight capacity of up to 15 tons, it combines robustness with agility. Designed initially for industries like mining, its applications extend to retail, with a forthcoming Retail version tailored for cash collection.

Diversification and Market Expansion

Nadine Rynners, CEO of Integrated Convoy Protection, emphasized the company’s strategic pivot towards the security market. Traditionally focused on military sectors, ICP’s foray into commercial security marks a significant milestone. Rynners highlighted the imminent launch of a new intervention/rapid response vehicle, underscoring ICP’s commitment to innovation and market responsiveness.

Building on Established Success: The REVA Lineup

ICP existing lineup, including the REVA Security 4×4 armoured vehicle and REVA Protection vehicle, underscores its commitment to providing tailored solutions for diverse security needs. From protecting national key points to facilitating cash-in-transit operations, these vehicles epitomize reliability, effectiveness, versatility, and affordability—the core principles encapsulated in the REVA brand.

Global Reach and Local Focus

While ICP’s roots lie in South Africa, its impact resonates globally. With deployments spanning regions like Iraq, the UAE, and Nigeria, the REVA vehicles have garnered acclaim for their performance and reliability. Yet, amidst its global footprint, ICP remains attuned to local demands, evidenced by its proactive measures to meet burgeoning market needs through enhanced stock availability and expedited delivery.


In essence, ICP’s launch of the REVA Bulk Carrier and REVA LSV signifies not only a milestone in product innovation but also a testament to its unwavering commitment to security excellence in an ever-evolving landscape. As the company celebrates nearly two decades of operation, its expansion into the commercial security sector heralds a new chapter of growth and impact.

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