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GCC Residents Need to Fulfil 5 Conditions to Obtain 30-day UAE Entry Visa



GCC Residents Need to Fulfil 5 Conditions to Obtain 30-day UAE Entry Visa

GCC Residents Need to Fulfil 5 Conditions to Obtain 30-day UAE Entry Visa. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) residents seeking to explore the wonders of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a short period can now obtain a 30-day entry visa. Facilitated by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP), this visa provides an opportunity for exploration and business ventures within the UAE. However, there are crucial conditions to meet and steps to follow to secure this visa seamlessly.

Understanding the Entry Visa Process

The ICP has streamlined the process through its user-friendly smart services system called “ECHANNELS” and the “UAEICP” smart application. This digital infrastructure enables GCC residents to apply for an extendable entry permit online, expediting the visa acquisition process.

GCC Residents Need to Fulfil 5 Conditions to Obtain 30-day UAE Entry Visa

To obtain the coveted 30-day UAE entry visa, GCC residents must meet five essential conditions:

  1. Valid GCC Residence Permit: Applicants must possess a valid residence permit in one of the GCC countries. This serves as a primary eligibility criterion for the visa application.
  2. Original Passport and Personal Photo: A valid original passport with a minimum validity of six months from the application date is mandatory. Additionally, applicants must provide a colored personal photo as part of the documentation process.
  3. Minimum Passport Validity: The passport must have a validity of at least six months at the time of applying for the entry permit. Moreover, the validity of the residence in the GCC country must not be less than three months.
  4. Application Fee: A fee of Dhs350 is applicable for processing the entry permit. This fee covers various aspects of the application process, including application submission, visa issuance, smart services, and electronic services.
  5. Application Submission: Applicants can submit their applications through multiple channels. They can utilize the ICP official website or the UAEICP smart application, where they can log in using their UAE PASS or username. Alternatively, they can visit any customer happiness center or an approved typing office to initiate the application process.

Fees and Refund Policy

The Dhs350 fee includes Dhs100 for application processing, Dhs100 for visa issuance, Dhs100 for smart services, and Dhs50 for electronic services and administrative charges. It’s important to note that the fee structure may vary based on the provided application data.

In case of application rejection due to data deficiencies or incomplete documents, the fees are refunded, excluding the application fee. The refund process typically takes up to six months and can be facilitated through credit card reimbursement or bank transfer for local banks.

FAQs About GCC Residents

Can GCC residents get on arrival visa to UAE?

Visas are not available on arrival. Visit the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai website or select flydubai Travel Shops to apply for an e-visa.

Who is eligible for UAE visa on arrival 30-day visit?

After disembarking your flight at Dubai International, proceed to immigration and your passport will be stamped with a free 30day visit visa.

What are the conditions for UAE resident visa?

To obtain a residence visa, applicants must undergo a medical test proving that they are medically fit. Additionally, they must pass a security check and apply for an Emirates ID card from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.


Securing a 30-day entry visa to the UAE for GCC residents involves fulfilling specific conditions and adhering to the prescribed application procedures. By meeting these requirements and utilizing the ICP digital platforms, applicants can navigate the process seamlessly and embark on their journey to explore the dynamic landscapes and opportunities offered by the UAE.

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