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Emirates ID Photo, Requirements, Size, Change and Sample



Emirati nationals and expats who live in the UAE have become more dependent on the Emirates ID since it is unified with their proof of residency. Obtaining the Emirates ID card requires submitting the correct photo identification according to the authorities’ guidelines.

Emirates ID Photo

Photos are a vital part of many identification documents, including UAE passports and Emirates IDs. Include a photo to provide a visual reference that can confirm the identity of the person presenting the document.

Emirates ID Photo Requirements 

Online identification systems must accept your photo according to the following guidelines:

  • Images must be of high quality, recent, coloured, and no older than six months.
  • Image dimensions must be 35-40mm.
  • Images need a white background.
  • Neutral and non-exaggerated expressions are required.
  • Position needs to be parallel to the photographic lens without tilt.
  • Eyes should be open towards the camera without coloured lenses.
  • Glasses are permitted provided it does not obscure the eyes or reflect light.
  • Clothing must comply with the official UAE dress code (for UAE citizens).
  • It is permissible to cover one’s head according to national dress or religious beliefs.
  • Image resolution must be 600dpi without ink traces or shrinkage.
  • Any images subject to editing or modifications by image editing software will not be permitted.

Emirates ID Photo Requirements PDF

The emirates id photo requirements pdf provides information on the size, dimensions, background, and other requirements. The Emirates ID photo requirements can be downloaded from the ICA website.


Emirates ID Photo Size

The photo you upload must be 35 mm wide and 40 mm high. Regarding the latest development, please note that the authorities have stated that images edited using digital software will not be accepted.

Emirates ID Photo Check

Once you upload the picture, if it adheres to all the above-given guidelines, it will be accepted by the system. You will have to re-upload it if it is rejected.

Emirates ID Photo Change

Once you know the correct procedure, it is easy to change the photo on your UAE identity card. You can request a modification of your ID card photo at any point during its validity.

To change the photo on your Emirates ID, follow the process outlined below:

  • Visit the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) customer support centre with your original passport and Emirates ID card.
  • Make sure your replacement photo is available. Passport photos should have white backgrounds.
  • Fill out the information-changing application and submit it with the required documents.
  • The application fee for Emirates ID cards with updated data must be paid. The charge is AED 150 (inclusive of AED 40 service fees).
  • Confirm biometrics (photo, fingerprints etc).
  • You will receive an SMS letting you know when your amended Emirates ID is ready for collection after submitting your application (usually within 48 hours).
  • You can collect your updated ID card from the post office specified in the SMS.

Emirates ID Photo Sample

The Emirates ID photo is a passport-sized image that must adhere to specific standards to ensure accuracy and reliability in identification processes.

Emirates ID Photo Size Online Free

You only need to submit one photo with your UAE ID card online 35×45 mm application. Then, you should make sure it is of good quality and meets all their specifications.

Emirates ID Photo Maker Online

  • Snap a photo of yourself. Using, take a picture of yourself.
  • You can upload your photo to PhotoGov AI. Our site will then process your image.
  • Receive your passport photo. You can now download your ID photo.

Emirates ID Photo Rejected

Emirates ID photo rejected shows up if your Emirates ID photo does not meet the requirements, here you will need to submit a new photo that meets the set requirements set out in this article. Ensure that your new photo meets all of the requirements by carefully reviewing the guidelines.

Emirates ID photo requirements are critical for ensuring the security and accuracy of the identification process, as well as for maintaining consistency and uniformity.

FAQs Emirates ID photo

Which photo is used for Emirates ID?

You should use a passport photo with a white background.

Can we change photo on Emirates ID?

If you don’t like the picture on your Emirates ID card, you can swap it before it expires. It is possible to modify your ID card photo during the validity or update process (but there is a fee).

What is the size of photo for Emirates ID in CM?

Photo size, tool, and requirements for UAE ID cards.


Emirati nationals and expatriates in the UAE rely heavily on the Emirates ID as it serves as their unified proof of residency. Obtaining this crucial card necessitates submitting a photo that adheres strictly to the authorities guidelines, ensuring smooth processing and verification. Compliance with Emirates ID photo requirements is essential for accurate identification and seamless transactions.

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