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Emirates ID Card Renewal Fee Structure Update for June 2024



Emirates ID Card Renewal Fee Structure Update for June 2024

Emirates ID Card Renewal Fee Structure Update for June 2024. In June 2024, the UAE government updated the fee structure for renewing the Emirates ID card. The Emirates ID is an essential identification document for all UAE residents, including citizens and expatriates. Keeping your ID card up-to-date is crucial for accessing various services and benefits. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the new fee structure:

Emirates ID Card Renewal Fee Structure Update for June 2024

1. Card Issuance Fee for Five Years

  • The fee for renewing your Emirates ID for a five-year validity period is AED 100. This option is suitable for residents who prefer a shorter renewal cycle or plan to review their residency status in the near future.

2. Card Issuance Fee for Ten Years

  • For those who prefer a longer validity period, the fee for issuing an Emirates ID for ten years is AED 200. This is a cost-effective option for residents who are settled in the UAE and do not foresee any changes in their residency status.

Importance of Renewing Your Emirates ID

Renewing your Emirates ID on time is essential for several reasons:

  1. Legal Requirement: Holding a valid Emirates ID is a legal requirement for all residents in the UAE. Failure to renew your ID can result in fines and legal consequences.
  2. Access to Services: The Emirates ID is used to access a wide range of government and private sector services, including healthcare, banking, and telecommunications.
  3. Travel and Residency: The ID card is often required for visa renewals and other residency-related procedures. An expired ID can complicate these processes.
  4. Employment: Employers in the UAE typically require a valid Emirates ID for various HR processes, including payroll and health insurance.

How to Renew Your Emirates ID

Renewing your Emirates ID is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Application Submission: Submit your renewal application through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website or their app. You can also visit an ICA customer happiness center.
  2. Documents Required: Ensure you have the necessary documents, including your passport, visa, and a recent photograph. Additional documents may be required for specific cases.
  3. Fee Payment: Pay the renewal fee based on your preferred validity period (AED 100 for five years or AED 200 for ten years).
  4. Biometric Data: If required, visit an ICA center to provide your biometric data (fingerprints and photographs).
  5. Processing Time: The processing time for the renewal can vary. It’s advisable to apply well in advance of your ID’s expiration date.
  6. Collection: Once your new ID is ready, you can collect it from the designated ICA center or opt for delivery to your preferred address.


The updated fee structure for the Emirates ID card renewal in June 2024 offers flexibility and affordability for all UAE residents. Whether you choose a five-year or ten-year validity period, renewing your Emirates ID is a crucial step in ensuring seamless access to services and compliance with UAE regulations. Make sure to renew your ID on time to avoid any disruptions in your daily life and legal status.

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