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Dubai Levels Up – Gaming Visa Program Lures Creatives to the Emirate



Dubai Levels Up - Gaming Visa Program Lures Creatives to the Emirate

Dubai Levels Up – Gaming Visa Program Lures Creatives to the Emirate. Dubai, renowned for its futuristic skyline and vibrant culture, is opening its doors wider to creative minds worldwide with the launch of its pioneering Gaming Visa Initiative. This groundbreaking move, in collaboration with esteemed companies and academic institutions, aims to attract a diverse pool of talented individuals, artists, and creators to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as reported by VisaGuide.World.

Dubai Levels Up – Gaming Visa Program Lures Creatives to the Emirate

An Entry to Dubai Gaming Scene

The cornerstone of this initiative is the introduction of long-term cultural visas facilitated through the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate. Under this program, Dubai aims to foster an environment conducive to nurturing creative talent while positioning itself as a global hub for the gaming industry. This initiative falls under the ambit of Dubai’s ambitious Program for Gaming 2033, which seeks to generate 30,000 employment opportunities and catalyze a staggering $1 billion surge in GDP.

New Gaming Visa Initiative Requirements

Prospective applicants seeking to avail themselves of the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate must initiate the process by submitting their applications through the official website. Subsequently, applicants will receive timely updates regarding the status of their applications, with approved candidates being issued the coveted certificate.

Among the prerequisites for obtaining the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate is a minimum age requirement of 25 years. Additionally, interested individuals are mandated to furnish a copy of their passport along with their professional CV.

Visionary Leadership Driving Dubai Gaming Ambitions

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, has articulated the overarching objectives of the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033. Central to this vision is the establishment of an incubating environment conducive to fostering the growth of developers while attracting leading technology conglomerates from across the globe.

This initiative is particularly geared towards entities specializing in digital content and experiences. By extending support to developers, designers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and startups in the creative industries, Dubai aims to consolidate its position as a premier destination for innovation and entrepreneurship.

UAE Government Commitment to Gaming Sector

The UAE government’s unwavering commitment to transforming Dubai into a global gaming powerhouse was underscored during the recent Dubai GameExpo Summit, powered by Pocket Gamer Connects. Hadi Badri, CEO of the Dubai Economic Development Corporation, and Abdulla AlGaoud, Director of Digital Operations at Dubai Chambers, shed light on government initiatives aimed at propelling the games sector to unprecedented heights, as reported by Pocketgamer.

Badri highlighted a substantial increase in infrastructure investment in Dubai, emphasizing the city’s aspiration to emerge as a global nexus for knowledge exchange and networking within the gaming industry.

Streamlining Visa Processes – The “Work Bundle” Platform

In a bid to expedite the processing of work permits and residency visas, UAE authorities unveiled the “Work Bundle” platform earlier this year. This innovative platform endeavors to condense the processing time required to complete all requisite documentation for acquiring UAE work permits and residency visas from nearly one month to a mere five days.


Dubai Gaming Visa Initiative heralds a new era of opportunity for creatives worldwide, supported by visionary leadership and streamlined processes. As Dubai aims to consolidate its position as a global gaming hub, inclusivity and innovation remain at its forefront.

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