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Dhs100 Fine Per Day of Overstay Following Exit Permit Expiration



Dhs100 Fine Per Day of Overstay Following Exit Permit Expiration

Dhs100 Fine Per Day of Overstay Following Exit Permit Expiration. In the vibrant landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where visitors and residents alike find themselves immersed in its cultural tapestry and economic dynamism, there exists a strict protocol regarding visa regulations. Among these regulations is the imposition of fines for overstaying, accompanied by the necessity of obtaining an exit permit, a process overseen by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP). Let’s delve into the details of this system, shedding light on the nuances of overstay fines and the procedures involved in acquiring an exit permit.

Understanding Overstay Fines

Visitors or residents who exceed the stipulated duration of their visas are subject to fines imposed by the UAE authorities. The fine stands at Dhs100 for each additional day of overstay beyond the visa expiry date. This regulation underscores the UAE’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its immigration system and ensuring compliance with visa requirements.

Role of Exit Permits

An integral aspect of the process for individuals intending to exit the UAE despite visa expiration is the acquisition of an exit permit, as elucidated by the ICP. This permit serves as official documentation facilitating departure for individuals who lack a valid UAE visa due to expiration, cancellation, or rejection. It acts as a procedural bridge, enabling individuals to navigate their exit from the country seamlessly.

Issuance of Exit Permits

The UAEICP system, complemented by a user-friendly smart application, streamlines the issuance of exit permits to overstayers within the country. However, it’s imperative to note that the permit is granted only upon the payment of fines accrued during the period of overstay. The permit itself holds validity for a duration of 7 days, during which the applicant must depart from the UAE. Failure to adhere to this timeline incurs further fines at a rate of Dhs100 per additional day post-permit expiry.

Procedure for Obtaining Exit Permits

Acquiring an exit permit necessitates adherence to a structured procedure. For newborns without residency status, the process involves completing requisite information, furnishing necessary documents, paying stipulated fees, and subsequently receiving the transaction via email. Essential documents include passports of the parents, child’s travel document or passport, birth certificate, parental authorization letter, travel ticket copies, and personal photos of the child.

Financial Implications and Processing Time

A fee of Dhs221 is levied for the issuance of a UAE exit permit. While the processing typically spans 48 hours, applicants are advised to initiate the process well in advance of their intended departure, mitigating the risk of unforeseen delays. This proactive approach ensures a seamless transition through the administrative channels.

Verifying the Need for an Exit Permit

To ascertain the necessity of obtaining a UAE exit permit, individuals can leverage the Dubai Police’s online platform or mobile application, specifically the Criminal Status of Financial Cases service. A travel ban notification prompts the requisite action, necessitating a visit to the nearest police station with pertinent identification documents.


In the mosaic of regulations governing visa protocols in the UAE, the imposition of fines for overstaying underscores the nation’s commitment to upholding immigration integrity. The process of obtaining an exit permit serves as a pivotal mechanism for individuals navigating visa complexities, facilitating their departure from the UAE with adherence to regulatory frameworks. By understanding the nuances of overstay fines and the procedural requisites for exit permits, individuals can navigate their departure from the UAE seamlessly, ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates and facilitating a smooth transition.

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